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Personal Care 

The Personal Care aids on Easylife Independent Living Aids, Tiverton, Devon are designed to help create a more comfortable home environment for those living with age or health-related conditions, so they can carry out daily activities more independently. 
The products we sell are designed to promote independence and increase confidence so that a person can participate in activities that they enjoy. For people living with long-term conditions the products offer choice, which may help them to manage their care, or their condition, in a way that fits in with their lifestyle. 
As you might imagine, health and personal care aids can help manage many symptoms that are associated with a broad range of conditions. 
Some equipment can assist with rehabilitation, such as therapeutic putty to help strengthen weak hands and fingers from strokes or maybe arthritis, whilst other products can help with everyday tasks such as hand grabbers to pick things up, perfect for people unable to bend down or have limited mobility. 

The health aids we stock may be of help to anyone who is living with: 

Joint pain 
Muscle weakness or pain 
Hearing Loss 
Memory loss 
Mobility issues 
Reduced Vision 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
Repetitive Strain Injury 
Sensory Processing Disorder 
Sleep Apnea 
High or Low Blood Pressure 

If you, or someone you know, struggles with everyday tasks, there might be gadgets or equipment to help make life easier.   There's a range of equipment to help, examples include: 

Going to the toilet 
Commode's - A chair with hidden toilet  
Raised toilet seat (by Homecomfort & Aidapt) 
Push button to flush the toilet 
(more independence for those that struggle to the toilet.) 
Using the bathroom 
Easy to turn handles for taps 
Non-slip strips for the bath or shower 
A rail to help you get out of the bath or shower 
Cooking and eating 
Kettle with a holder to make it easy to pour 
Easy Hold Cutlery - knives and forks with special handles to make them easy to hold 
Double handled - easy to grip jugs or graters 
Easy Hold - cups with 2 handles 
Getting out of bed or out of a chair 
Grab Rail - a rail you attach to the bed 
Leg Lifters - straps to help you lift your leg 
Elephant feet -Bases to raise your bed 
Electric and Reclining chairs 
V-Shaped support pillows 
Lumber Roll 
Pressure Relief Ring Cushion 
Harleys Proform "cushion range" 
Getting dressed 
Easy Hooks - to help pull zips, undo buttons and pull jackets on 
Easy Grabs -gadgets to help put socks, tights and pants on 
Caring for children 
Child Bath Seats -chairs to help support children in the bath 
Child support - seats to help children sit upright 
Personal Care 
Pads – Lille / Attends / Tenna 
Sheets – Kylie 
Disposable Bed Protector Pads made by Attends 
Anti allergic mattress protector 
Disposable Gloves 
Perform Vinyl (by Campells Healthcare) 
Nitric Powder Free gloves by Aurelia 
Guard Flex powder free – Examination gloves 
All in one 'cleansing cloths' - Contiplan 
Antibacterial hand wipes - Clinell 
Safety rails 
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