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Here at EASYLIFE independent Living Aids, Tiverton Devon, we can supply you with the ideal mobility scooter to suit your needs. Our mobility scooters will provide you with miles and miles of freedom and independence. Here at Easylife we can supply a model to suit all your needs and requirements, whether you need a compact travel scooter or a robust heavy-duty mobility scooter for country areas or long distances.  
We have a wide range to choose from. 
A mobility scooter is a mobility aid equivalent or auxiliary to a wheelchair but it has a motor on it to assist disabled people to get out and enjoy life independently. When motorised they are commonly referred to as a power-operated vehicle/scooter or electric scooter as well mostly for use on pavements and designed to get in and out of the shops with ease however you can  
buy a more sophisticated and robust scooter which can be road worthy. 
We stock the UK’s leading brands including Kymco, Invacare, Roma, Electric Mobility/Rascal, and Drive Medical.  
We also supply 2nd hand Scooters including folding lightweight scooters, 4mph boot scooters  
through to 6mph medium scooters to larger, 8mph road scooters.  
There is a large variety and selection to choose from... 

5 Tips on Choosing a Mobility Scooter 

Where will the mobility scooter primarily be used? If the scooter is for indoor use, you may want to choose a three-wheel scooter that manoeuvres around corners better. If you prefer a four-wheel scooter, select one with smaller wheels and a tighter turning radius. Measure doorways to ensure the scooter will fit through.  
Keep in mind that you may lose up to 2″ if the doorway has a hinged door. If the mobility scooter is for outdoor use, a four-wheel scooter is recommended since it travels over bumps and rough terrain better. Larger wheels and pneumatic wheels will also make the ride smoother. 
Fit: Always measure the height of the seat to make sure that you are able to sit comfortably on the scooter. It is best to keep your feet flat on the footrest and have your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. You should also be able to reach the tiller comfortably without having to arch and bend your back.  
Check the listed weight capacity of the scooter to ensure that it can properly support your weight and items you plan to be carrying on the scooter. The best way to determine which mobility scooter is right for you is to visit us here at EASYLIFE your local dealer and speak to an expert and test drive a few different models. 
Controls: Are you able to operate a standard tiller? To operate a standard T-shaped tiller, you need to be able to hold onto it with both of your hands and have the manual dexterity to control the speed and any other options (such as turning signals).  
Most scooters require constant pressure to the throttle to be able to move forward and backwards, removing pressure from the throttle lever will engage the brakes. Delta tillers are an option for people who lack manual dexterity and hand strength. Delta tillers may be controlled by either hand. 
Seating: A comfortable, well-padded and contoured seat of a full-sized three- or four-wheel mobility scooter may be the right choice if you spend most of your day on your scooter. A captain’s seat tends to offer the most support and comfort. A portable or travel scooter is more compact, and the seat has less padding. 
Portability and storage: When choosing a portable scooter for travelling by car or an airplane you will need one that can be disassembled easily or folded with ease. Pay attention to the weight of the heaviest piece and make sure you are able to lift it up and stow it away when making your selected choice on a mobility scooter. 
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